Thursday, February 21, 2013

The "Feely Bin" Chronicles: Volume 2

For our February "feely bin" we went with a dinosaur theme!  (True confession:  in first grade I was completely obsessed with being a paleontologist!)  Adam seems to be having a good time with this bin....but seriously, what's not to love about dinosaurs?!

Dino central!

The base of this bin is dried beans...specifically kidney beans and pinto beans.  I threw in a bag of decorative rocks, (I think they're the kind that are intended for use in vases and such.) two packages of plastic dinos, and an island and some trees from Adam's lego bin.  Super easy, and pretty darned authentically prehistoric if you ask me!  :-)

Might as well look the part!

Who put this tree here?!

I found these really cute foam puzzles that Adam had fun putting together, and we cut apart some classroom type signs to make a little matching game.  I also wrote numbers on paper plates and asked Adam to grab the corresponding number of dinosaurs with his tongs and put them on each plate, although I didn't get a picture of that.  As an extension of the "feely bin" theme, we've been watching some episodes of Dinosaur Train, reading that literary classic Dinosaurs Love Underpants, and googling lots of fun dinosaur facts!  Good stuff all around!

I thought these were pretty gosh darned cool for $1!

I snuck in some cutting practice by having Adam cut out the orange rectangles.

Stay tuned for our March journey into OUTER SPACE!!

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