Monday, February 25, 2013

Flying Fun!

     Recently Adam had the very exciting experience of taking his first airplane trip!  My mom, Adam, and I flew to Arizona to surprise my grandma and celebrate her 80th birthday.  We had a wonderful time visiting with family that we see far too infrequently, and loved soaking up some sunshine!  Adam was an absolute champ while we were traveling, and had a great time on the plane! 

Ready to rock and roll!
Lucky kid even got an invite into the cockpit, and made an announcement to the whole plane!
"My tray table is down....where are my snacks?!"
     I was pretty sure that the novelty of flying, combined with a few favorite snacks and some Transformers action figures would be enough to keep Adam entertained during the trip, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have a few fun things to do as well.  Before we left I raided the Dollar Tree and put together six "Mystery Envelopes".  I numbered each one and told Adam that he could choose three on the flight to Arizona, and three on the flight back.  We spaced the activities out with snacking, napping, and being amazed at the views out the window, and the whole experience turned out to be fan-freaking-tastic!  Here's what our envelopes contained......

#1:  A calculator, notebook, and pen/pencil

#2:  Build a Word matching game, and puzzle cards

#3:  Blank foam bookmarks and stickers for decorating

#4:  Small dry erase board with markers

#5:  Spiderman coloring book and crayons

#6:  Shape Magnets (The mini cookie sheet we use for a travel felt/magnet board fit nicely in Adam's carry on backpack along with all the envelopes.  And the aforementioned Transformers and snacks!)

     Adam loved the surprise element of choosing a blank envelope and not knowing what would be inside.  He had fun with all six of the activities, and now....bonus!.....I have six great travel friendly things ready for him to do on our road trip to North Carolina this weekend!  Happy travels, y'all!  :-)

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