Monday, May 14, 2012


Yikes, it's been a long time since I posted a blog!  I've noticed that blogging about things has the funny little side effect of taking time away from actually *doing* things, and frankly, that's annoying.  Nevertheless, I shall attempt to be more prompt in my postings in the future.

These days we're pretty much just livin' life.  This coming week marks the end of Adam's first year of preschool, and he's already asked me if I can find him another school to go to until his starts again in the fall.  I suspect he may not always be quite so enthusiastic about the educational process, so I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts!  Aside from some snotty/spring cold-ish/upper respiratory something or other that he's trying to fight off right now, he's been feeling great.  The scar on his belly from his g-tube closure has healed beautifully, and I'm told will continue to fade as time goes on.  (It's cool that Adam likes pirates, because when he takes his shirt off it looks like he's been in an epic sword battle!)

"Ahoy me hearties, where's my rum?"

I'm finishing up some choreography at the dance studio, and working on a rough draft of a parent advocacy pamphlet for the hospital.  Once all my clearances and whatnot are updated, I'll also be starting to substitute teach at Discovery Kids in Middletown....the preschool/daycare where I taught before Adam was born.  Subbing will be fantastic for me right now, I think.  Getting back to teaching once in a while will be great, a little extra money is never a frowned upon thing, and I'll have the flexibility to say no if I'm needed on a day that Adam has appointments or isn't feeling well.  Plus...bonus!....he can come to work with me! 

And, just because I'm pretty darned proud of my engineering skills, we'll close with a few photos of the "scuba gear" that I pieced together for Adam out of some bits of old medical equiptment that was around the house.  His new tv show du jour is called The Octonauts.  The Octonauts have scuba obviously Adam needed some too!  For our medically inclined friends.....the face mask is part of a trach collar, the medicine cup from a nebulizer, and some oxygen tubing.  The "bweaving tank" is an ambu bag connected to part of a ventilator circuit.  Top with swim goggles, and you're ready to dive!  Or at least pretend to dive! 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Face Mask
Breathing Tank

Let's do this thing.

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