Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seasons of Love

It could certainly be argued that Rent references have become cliche.  Today, however, as we celebrate the one year anniversary of Adam's successful airway reconstruction surgery, I am overwhelmed by how truly amazing the past 525,600 minutes of his life have been.  So indulge my theatre geekery.  :-) 

As a wonderful prelude to this anniversary Adam had two very successful procedures at CHOP on Monday.  He had the hole where his g-tube used to be surgically closed, and he had his...drumroll please....last bronchoscopy!  The general surgeon said that the belly procedure went well and smoothly, and he wouldn't need to see us again at all.  The Wizard said that his airway looked good....and in fact was wider this time than it was six months ago.  She said that we should of course keep in touch about any changes, problems, or issues, but otherwise she would now see us ONCE A YEAR in clinic.  You are correct then, friends, in assuming that as far as we know now, Adam is finished with surgeries.  (I must clarify here that if there's one thing this journey has taught me it's to never speak in absolutes....the minute you say something is the worst or grossest or scariest or final thing ever, it's like a challenge to the universe to prove you wrong.  So I'm not saying never....but I am saying that after 12 trips to the OR in 3 1/2 years this gets a big HELL YEAH!)

We're having a mellow celebration at home tonight, as Adam is still having some pain from his belly procedure.  Pizza, ice cream, and movies in our jammies will be just the thing to remind us of how close we came to the dark side, and how beautiful every single moment is in the light.  So, you ask, how did we measure this year in the life?  In no more tubes and speaking out loud for the first starting making embracing life.....and yes, most love.

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