Friday, March 30, 2012

"Story Story"

Adam has been really entertained by making up stories lately, so last night we tried playing the "story story" game.  This was during yet another span of countless minutes...hours...days (it feels like it sometimes) that found me sitting on my bathroom floor waiting for Adam to get finished doing something.  Whether he is getting finished on the potty, getting done in the tub, brushing his teeth "jusht one mowe time" to be sure he got every tooth, or pretending that the cabinet under the sink is the repair garage for his cars, I spend a LOT of time waiting for Adam to get done in the bathroom!  So last night I decided to try and make the time interesting.  I wasn't really sure if he would catch on to the game, but it turned out to be fantastic!  I wrote the story down right away so I wouldn't forget....I think we're going to type it out and let him illustrate it.  The transcript is below, for your enjoyment!  :-)

**For those of you that have never taken an acting class, improv workshop, or had a really fun english/comp/creative writing/whatever teacher......this is a game where one person starts a story, and then one at a time each person playing adds on to the story to eventually (hopefully) bring it to a conclusion. There really aren't any rules, other than that you have to support the story and keep it going to a natural end.  (i.e. you can't just say "And then they all died." if you're tired of playing!)  I've indicated which lines are mine and which are Adam's in the story.  (Adam came up with the title after we finished writing it.) I was pretty jazzed about how quickly he took to the idea!**

The Princess and the King's Rescue Story

(J) Once upon a time there was a kingdom with a green dragon and a purple dragon.  (A) And once upon a time there was also a King.  (J) The King only liked to ride the green dragon and that made the purple dragon sad.  (A) But the Princess liked to ride the purple dragon and that made him happy again.  (J) So the King and the Princess went for a ride on their dragons.  (A) When they got back they saw their whole castle had disappeared.  (J) They flew to the Royal Magician to find out what had happened to their castle.  (A) The Magician told them that some birds broke the castle with their beaks and flew away with the pieces.  (J) The King and the Princess found the brids and asked for the pieces of their castle back.  (A) The birds said ok, but only if they could build a birdhouse next to the castle.  (J) The King and the Princess agreed, and they all worked together to build the castle and birdhouse.  (A)  The King gave the birds some gravel to play with, and they all lived happily ever after.  The End!

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  1. Why did I not hear of this wonderful game...That's fantastick....