Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have recently had several well intentioned people ask me questions about Adam.  The first question is "Are you going to get his scar fixed?"  and the second is "Will he always talk like that?"  Since I feel it is in bad form to smack the crap out of generally nice people in public, I shall avail myself of this opportunity to address those questions.  I might swear.  Just sayin'. 

Question #1:
If, as a parent, the worst thing that you can wrap your brain around having happen to your child is that they should have a scar on their neck.....you are so god damned lucky there are not even real words to describe how god damned lucky you are.  If, however, as a parent, you have been told things like "You probably shouldn't leave the hospital tonight, because it could go either way." or "Several of the conditions we're testing him for are incompatible with long term life." then you would realize that ending up with just a scar is sort of the equivalent to winning the lottery while in Disney World.  I don't give a rat's ass about that scar.  If Adam decides he doesn't like it some day, then sure, we'll get it fixed.  In the meantime I'll look at it every single day and thank every single doctor and deity that bestowed their graces on him.  If he didn't have that scar he wouldn't be here. 

Question #2:
For the first three years of his life, Adam couldn't make any noise at all.  His airway was completely closed off by scar tissue, and his vocal cords were fused into one scarred mass.  Then once upon a time the good fairy of airway reconstruction bestowed upon him a miracle of modern medicine.  She cored all the scar tissue out of his airway, and using bits of his rib cartilage, made grafts to hold it open.  Then she separated his fused vocal cords, sprinkled on a healthy shake of fairy dust and POOF!  That shit worked!!  It boggles the mind, it does!!  Three months, one decannulation, and a sluggish left cord later....he spoke out loud for the very first time.   Now all the kid does is talk!  And yes indeed, he sounds like a cross between Froggy from the Little Rascals and the world's whitest Barry White impersonator.  "Will he always talk like that?"  WHO CARES????!!!!!!

Dude.  I feel so. much. better.  :-)  


  1. Constantly amazed and frequently confused by well intentioned people and the rude questions that they feel free to ask. First, I would like to say - bravo! Secondly - I wish there was some way to make people realize how fortunate they are. I don't know it from a Mom perspective, but I've been there too many times from the caregiver side.
    You're doing a great job!

  2. Dude - you just made the Dad cry - Hope you're Happy?...lol But seriously - I will NEVER forget that night sitting in the NICU (I think we were even taking a break in the "lounge"), when they told us that we had better not leave, because he may not make it - and NOW look at him - I thank God every day for my amazing little miracle!